Transbay Block 8

Transbay Block 8, San Francisco

Spring 2019

McMillan Data Communications began working on The Avery in December 2017 and is cabling the horizontal infrastructure of the entire tower and the podium (an adjoining mid-rise building), as well as the Transbay Block 8 sales office.

McMillan Data Communications is using 130,000 feet of CAT6 cable to wire a total of 1,376 outlets within the project. Two microducts were installed, one for Comcast and one for AT&T. MDC also installed the coaxial cabling, including one RG6 Coaxial cable and one CAT6 cable per outlet. 100 pair copper backbone cabling for the building was then installed along with 30 IDF rooms, and brought the connection from the main point of entry (MPOE) within the building, which is located on the first level of the basement. They wired 100 pair copper backbone cabling from the MPOE to each of the IDFs.